Dynamat vs Noico: The Best Sound Deadening Mats in 2021

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Dynamat vs Noico? We have compiled and analyzed all the information to help you make a decision.

The two most popular sound deadening materials are Dynamat and Noico. Each of these has its benefits, but we’ll let you decide which will work best for your needs. The following is our honest opinion on which is the best auto sound deadener.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is auto sound deadening

In a nutshell, it acts as an insulator by reducing noise generated inside and outside of your vehicle. These materials absorb both road and engine noise. Hence it leads to less distortion of the sounds you want to hear.

How to Choose a Sound Deadening Mat for Car?

When it comes to choosing which sound deadening mat is the best, there are many factors to consider. This guide will walk you through these considerations, as well as why we chose a specific brand over another. 

We’ll throw in some pros and cons of different brands too so you can know what features to look for.

Whenever you are choosing a sound deadening mat for a car, consider these points:


The effectiveness of your product depends on how well it works in reducing noise. Some materials absorb sound, some reflect it away from your ears, and others prevent vibrations from entering into the car frame. 

The material should also be easily applied. There will be many curves throughout your vehicle that may make using certain types difficult to achieve results.

How effective is Dynamat?

Dynamat is composed of materials that will not damage the surface of your car. They insulate a vehicle and reduce rattling from subwoofers. Likewise, the material does not lose its integrity at high temperatures.

The Dynamat brand is one of the most widely known in the sound deadening industry. 

This company has been making mats and other noise control solutions for your car since 1989. Dynamat has a wide range of products to choose from as well, which we will talk about shortly.

If you’re looking for a serious sound-deadening and thermal barrier, then look no further than Dynamat. 

You’ll get 10 decibels of noise reduction at most, much better than most noise-reducing mat options.

As an additional bonus, this product protects against heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The best news: different packages are containing varying amounts of matting for various body parts in your vehicle: ceiling

How effective is Noico?

Noico is a sound deadening product that has an asphalt-based component. It’s not the best heat insulator, but it does reduce vehicle noise well enough to be competitive in terms of performance. 

Noico mats have a dense butyl that helps to control vibrations and deadens exterior sounds. This is because of the closed-cell polyethylene foam which also solves sound problems while still being lightweight. Thanks to its two layers material with butyl.

The Noico noise-deadening mats claim to reduce sound and vibration, but it’s worth noting that they have their limitations. According to the company themselves: “The NICO Noise Reduction Matt is not intended for general use as a soundproofing material alone.” 

It may be best paired with other automotive materials to achieve higher levels of coverage. It will result in maximum results when reducing unwanted sounds inside and outside of the vehicle.

Winner between Dynamat and Noico: Dynamat

Dynamat is more effective than Noico in both noise absorption and heat insulating. It does this best with the use of butyl-based material, unlike asphalt for example which also has to do double duty as a hot insulation agent.

Dynamat outperforms its competitors. Because despite being an excellent sound absorber, it provides better protection from harsh temperatures. It could otherwise be detrimental to your car parts such as window sealants or gaskets. Due to high levels of extreme temperature exposure.

Price point

The first step to choosing a sound deadening mat is to ensure that you can afford it. When buying sound-deadening material, there are many considerations including price and quality. But you have to choose the right sound deadening mat for your budget.

The price of both Dynamat vs Noico is a huge factor to consider before making a purchase decision. If you’re interested in saving some money without skimping on the quality, then pay attention to this comparison between these two products:

Note: All prices below are just estimated and subject to change


In terms of price, Dynamat is more expensive than most products on the market. However, some choose to use it because of its high effectiveness and a longer lifespan than others.

You’ll be spending anywhere from $2-5 per sq/ft (estimate only). It all depends on where the seller is located and how much they want for their product but that can get expensive at times!

However, with this price also comes outstanding quality so if noise problems are a concern of yours then I would say go ahead and take out your wallet because these panels will not disappoint.


Dynamat is an extremely popular noise-dampening material that has been around for years. Unfortunately, the price of this product can get quite expensive and not everyone may be able to afford it.

Noico provides a viable alternative if you are looking at budgeting options. At around $1-$2 per sq/ft (estimate only), you could get almost similar performance and durability from Noico compared to Dynamat.

Even though you may need more of it, Noico is cheaper, making it a great choice for those who are new to soundproofing and planning on doing bigger projects.

Winner in terms of Price: Noico

Dynamat is one of the most expensive soundproofing products on the market, but it’s clear that they’ve put a lot into making their product perfect. Noico offers almost similar quality and performance for an affordable price. This makes them a clear winner in this area.


Whether you’re looking for brands like Noico or Dynamat, you want to know that they hold up to quality control standards so you receive high-quality materials that are going to be perfect for your project.


In terms of quality, Dynamat is ahead of the game as it has been tested in many different cars and trucks to make sure they are perfect for their intended projects.

Dynamat is an odorless soundproofing material that will not tear easily and is made purely with butyl. It’s easy to install and the product’s aluminum coating ensures quality performance. 

This incredibly versatile material can be stretched as tight as you need. But its flexibility also means it won’t break easily after being installed.

Dynamat is an effective noise absorber for your vehicle cabin. It does this by absorbing the echoes in your car and prevents them from bouncing back to you again!

It is also lightweight, weighing only 0.5 pounds per square foot of coverage area. So no worries about added weight on top of what’s already there with a new sound system install or repair.


The build quality of Noico is also impressive as they are an affordable option for good quality soundproofing materials. It’s a lightweight material that can be placed underneath any part of your car. It can reduce vibration, rattles, or any noises you want to mute out, and it will do the trick with ease.

Noico is on par with Dynamat when it comes to eliminating engine noise inside your car. It can be used on any part of your vehicle including windows, the trunk, and even under the carpet.

Winner in terms of Quality

Both Dynamat and Noico are known for their high-quality materials that work exactly as intended with little to no downsides involved. If you’re not looking for something cheap but effective then Dynamat will top the list for you.

But if you’re someone who’s looking for budget-friendly solutions and not willing to sacrifice quality over price then Noico is the best option for you. However, we would pick Dynamite as the winner by a close margin because its base material is made purely with butyl. 

Noico might not compete well against Dynamat in terms of heat resistance and safety because it has an asphalt component.


As with any other soundproofing material, the thickness is an important factor when comparing Dynamat vs Noico. 

You can’t get the same optimal performance if you don’t choose the right thickness product for your project. The thickness of both products is measured in mils (thousandths of an inch).


Dynamat is a bit thinner than Noico, coming in at 67 mils as opposed to 80 mil which is what you get with Noico.

It’s important to note that the thinner Dynamat sheets are strong enough to span over larger areas. This means that the per sheet price can be justified if you’re buying a high quantity.

Dynamat is soft, pliable, and easily stretched which makes it highly versatile for uses in vehicles.


Noico has a thickness of 80 mil which is thicker than its competitor Dynamat but will still have the same benefits as any other product from the same company.

However, some people may not find it as comfortable to work with as Dynamat because of its overall feel and the reduced tear resistance.

Winner in terms of Thickness: Noico

The difference in thickness between Noico and Dynamat is somehow slight so you aren’t missing out on any features by choosing one over another. Still, we would say that Noico is the winner in this regard.


To pick the best sound deadening mat for your car, you need to ensure it is the right size and fits well. 


Dynamat is an industry-standard sound deadener that comes in a size of 36 feet with dimensions of 21 x 13 x 3.5 inches, which are larger than other competitive products on the market.


On the other hand, Noico is a little smaller than the standard size being only 21 x 11.5 x 3.5 inches the comes in 36 feet.

Winner in terms of Size: Dynamat

The extra size of Dynamat makes it an obvious choice when it comes to size. The company offers a range of varieties, but the standard option is still larger than most other brands on the market at this moment


Finally, the ease of installation is an important factor when choosing the best sound deadening mat for your car. The application depends on how flexible the material will be.

The mat should be thick to prevent sound from traveling. Thickness also makes your mat easier to install because it is durable and can be molded in places that are hard to reach or on angles.

Installing Dynamat


Dynamat is great, but it is hard to get it straight sometimes and the stiffness can be a challenge if you’re not careful. The great thing is that it can stretch over bad curves or angles but still maintain its shape when fastened down.

You can watch tutorials on YouTube and follow the instructions provided or ask a pro to help you with the job.

Installing Noico


Nico comes with installation indicators, so it will be easy to see if your mat is installed correctly. It can also be stretched and molded at any time without losing its shape.

The mat is thick enough to install without the need for any other additional material. Noico is more DIY friendly and can be installed by car owners themselves.

Winner between Dynamat and Noico: Noico

Unless you are using the mats inside an instrument panel or other highly acoustically sensitive areas, Dynamat vs Noico is not that difficult to install. They both offer instructions but in our opinion, Noico wins this round because of its overall simplicity.

Conclusion to the Dynamat vs Noico Debate

Dynamat vs Noico? This one is a close fight. When looking for a sound deadening mat, some key factors need to be considered. One of the main decisions is how thick do you want your mat to be? A sound-deadening product must be thick enough to keep the vibrations and sound level down.

Dynamat comes in a wider variety of thicknesses but has more difficulty in installation than Noico. Choose the thickness of your mat-based on how much material you need and the size of the area that needs to be covered.

Another important factor is what size will suit your vehicle best. Dynamat offers a larger size than Noico, which may be needed if you’re specifically trying to cover an area like inside an instrument panel or other highly acoustically sensitive areas. Lastly, consider what type of installation will work for you based on the various types available.

For us, the overall winner is Noico due to its ease of use and installation. Noico offers the best value for your money. And it can even cost less than other Soundproofing mats on the market. Making it an obvious choice when looking for material for sound deadening in cars.

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