How Much Does It Cost to Fix A Fuel Pump?

In this guide, we will answer how much does it cost to fix a fuel pump. This is the first article in the fuel system guide series of All Car Fix. This topic is a little more advanced. If you don’t have any experience in car repairs, please check out our basic car repairs and maintenances guide. Tinkering with your fuel pump requires some experience in car repairs. If you are not sure about what you are doing, consult with a mechanic. 

As a car owner, you should always check car parts and components to maintain their efficiency. Did you know that your car has over 30,000 pieces down to the last screws, bolts, and nuts? That is a lot of parts and components. Instead of memorizing them, you may try to learn each of the major systems and processes that keep your car running. Your vehicle is like your body which is made up of different mechanisms that you should take care of. These include the engine, the fuel system, transmission, electrical system, the chassis, the cooling system, the wheels and tires, the brake system, and finally, the body.

1. What is a Fuel Pump?

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The fuel pump is a crucial component of the fuel system of your car. As its name suggests, it draws fuel from your tank through fuel lines. The fuel is then delivered to the injectors through a fuel filter. Your engine will run after the fuel combusted in the cylinder chamber. There are two types of the fuel pump – mechanical and electric. ]

Carbureted engines use mechanical fuel pumps, while the electrical mechanical pump is used in modern cars with electronic fuel injection systems. It is recommended to clean your fuel system annually for every 25,000 Km. whichever comes first.

The location of the fuel pump depends on the manufacturer and the year your car was manufactured. Most modern gas engines have submersible fuel pumps inside the gas tank and usually electric. While mechanical fuel pump is usually located beside the engine cylinder, under the car’s body. You may check your car’s manual to locate the exact location of your fuel pump.

2. Importance of Fuel Pump

As discussed above, a fuel pump works like the heart in the human body. Without it, fuel cannot be delivered to the cylinder chamber to start the car. The fuel pump also creates the right amount of pressure so that the injectors deliver adequate fuel. If it deviates from the manufacturer’s requirements, your car’s performance and emissions will suffer. Cleaning your fuel system is an important aspect of proper car maintenance.

Having a clean fuel system brings you power and performance as well as fuel economy and drivability. If you neglect your fuel pump or the fuel system in general, you will notice the loss in power and gas mileage over time.

3. Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

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Sometimes bad fuel pumps are difficult to diagnose. So, you need some experience in car repair to diagnose all problems with your fuel system. To diagnose a car, you must know how to listen and understand how it normally operates daily. If you know its sounds, its RPMs, and other details, you will surely notice if something is going bad. Just like any other car parts and components, fuel pumps don’t last forever. You should know by now what is the role of your fuel pump. So, it’s not hard to notice when your fuel pump goes bad.

Symptoms of a bad fuel pump

Your engine is sputtering – If you are driving at high speeds and experience a sputtering engine, then there is a good chance that your fuel pump might be failing. This occurs when your fuel pump fails to supply a consistent stream of fuel to the engine at the correct pressure.

Losing power on uphill – Driving uphill or carrying a heavy cargo puts your car under stress. If you feel that your car loses power while performing these tasks, it may be because of a weak fuel pump. A bad fuel pump cannot keep up with the demand of your engine.

Decreasing Mileage – It is an emergency situation if you notice that your car suddenly becomes inefficient in terms of fuel consumption. A bad fuel pump may allow more fuel than what is needed if its relief valve fails to open. 

Slow Acceleration – If you feel that your car slows down and unable to accelerate, it may be a sign of irregular resistance within the fuel pump motor.

Car not starting – The most obvious symptom you may face with a bad fuel pump is failing to start your engine. Because of its role in supplying fuel to the cylinder, your car will not start if you have a bad fuel pump. However, the problem with starting a car is a symptom of many other issues in your car like a dead battery and bad starter.

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4. How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Fuel Pump?

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Fuel Pump?

These prices vary greatly depending on the type of your car. If you want to save money you can buy a fuel pump and replace it yourself. If you have a budget, buying a new fuel pump is a much more convenient choice.

How much does it cost to fix a fuel pump?

Fuel pumps are available at your local car parts supply. How much does a fuel pump cost depends on the car where you buy it? The average cost for a fuel pump replacement is between $220 and $1,000 depending on vehicle and age. Labor costs are estimated between $120 and $260, while parts are priced between $95 and $850.


Your car works like the human body. It has different systems that you need to maintain to keep it running. One of the most important systems is the fuel system. This guide answers the questions “what is a fuel pump?” and “how much does it cost to replace a fuel pump?” Fuel pump a crucial part of your car. It works like a heart that pumps fuel to your engine. A faulty fuel pump will significantly reduce your car’s power or it won’t start at all.

If you experience these symptoms and suspect a failing fuel pump, you should replace it immediately. Fuel pump costs will vary depending on where you purchase it and the rate of your service provider that will install it. To save money, here is a video tutorial on how to replace your own fuel pump.

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