How to clean a car window without streaks: DIY Guide

Do you want to know the secret to getting a streak-free windshield and windows on your car? There is no need for expensive store-bought solutions. You can do it with just a few household items! Here are some tools and steps that will teach you how to clean a car window without streaks.

Where do streaks come from?

Streaks on car windshields and windows happen when dirt gets mixed with water. Dirt is made up of tiny particles that are very rough and gritty, which can scratch the surface of a windowpane. If you have been using harsh chemicals to clean your glass or if it has taken some time for the buildup to form, then these scratches deepen and start creating more marks as they accumulate. Even if you are diligent about cleaning your windshield regularly, there will come a point where all those little abrasions make it difficult to see out the window!

Supplies that you’ll need

1. Microfiber waffle-weave window / glass / drying towel

2. Distilled white vinegar

3. A bucket with warm water and dish soap (or your favorite nonabrasive cleaner)

4. Rubbing alcohol

Caution: You should never use newspapers / paper towels in cleaning any glass surface. This will only result to scratches. Microfiber towels are still the best tool as it will help remove particulates from the surface, rather than just spreading them around.

How to clean a car window without streaks?

Method # One. Cloth and Vinegar (plus rubbing alcohol to finish the job)

1. Pour a small amount of distilled white vinegar into the bucket

2. Dip your microfiber in it

3. Wipe down the windshield and windows starting at one side then moving to the other

4. Rinse and dry with another clean dry microfiber towel

5. If you have any water spots left on your window from wiping too hard, sprinkle some rubbing alcohol onto them and wipe them away as before.

Method # Two: Dish Soap Cleaning with Warm Water

1. Fill up your container halfway with warm soapy water (nonabrasive dish soap)

2. Put an old cotton turtleneck over ahead like a face mask to keep yourself safe from getting wet while scrubbing! The object is to avoid getting water droplets on the window

3. Soak a clean, dry microfiber towel in soapy water

4. Rinse and wring out any excess liquid

5. Wipe down your windshield with the wet cloth

6. Sprinkle some rubbing alcohol onto spots that are more difficult to remove

7. Lastly, take another fresh washcloth dipped in cold or lukewarm water

8. Wipe off all of the soap residues from your car windows.

You should be left with streak-free glass!

Best auto glass cleaner you can buy

Got no time to DIY? Here are some of the best auto glass cleaners for guaranteed streak-free windows!

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Windex Cleaning Solution Spray

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The Windex cleaning solution spray is one of the best methods how to clean a car windshield without streaks.

1. To do this, fill a cleaning solution spray bottle with water

2. Fill the rest of the bottle with Windex

3. It’s not necessary to wring out any excess liquid before spraying it onto your windshield or other glass surfaces.

4. Spray down the outside and inside of your car windows for complete coverage in order to avoid streaks on glass!

The product is a good size – It doesn’t leave streaks on glass – You can use it to clean other things in your home as well, like mirrors and stainless steel appliances.


Notable Mentions for a Streak-free Car Windows

Invisible Glass 92164 22-Ounce Premium Glass Cleaner and Window Spray 

Invisible glass is a manufacturer that provides the best products for windows in cars. The Invisible glass window spray made it to this list because it removes bugs, dirt, and other tar easily while also providing an ultra-clean finish for your car’s front windshield. Its 22 oz bottle top ensures consistent coverage every time with no streaks or imperfections when used properly.

Streak-free guarantee? Yes, they even provide a money-back offer if you are not satisfied with their product!


Chemical Guys CLD30064 Streak Free Window Clean

One of the most highly rated streak-free window cleaners on Amazon. This product is a non-toxic, clay-based cleaner that will not leave any residue behind and it’s even safe for tinted windows!

This company has been making professional car care products since 1985 which makes them experts in their industry. Their Streak Free Window Clean does everything we’ve been looking for to give you a perfectly clean glass surface with no streaks or marks! It removes dirt and grime from automotive windshields without leaving behind any chemicals or residues that can cause future water spots.

It also won’t remove wax protection from your vehicle so if you want great results then this is the best choice!


Rain-X 5071268 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellant

Rain-X 5071268 is the perfect product to keep your windows streak-free. It’s a two-in-one formula that cleans and repels rain on glass surfaces. This Rain-x windshield cleaner leaves no streaks or residue behind, just clean clear windows!

Rain-X brand is a trusted name in the glass industry, and this product is a favorite among car enthusiasts.
This Rain-X Glass Cleaner leaves no streaks or residue behind! You won’t have to keep wiping your windows clean after you use them because rain will roll right off them.

This formula has been specially designed for exterior-grade automotive windows.


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