The Best Grille Guard For Deer in 2021

A grille guard can be installed onto any vehicle easily. While there are many options on the market today, we’ve compiled the best grille guard for deer in 2021 which should help you decide what’s best for your needs.

Every year, thousands of deer are killed after colliding with cars. Deer will not stop just because they see your car coming! It is best to assume that the deer in front of you has no intention to avoid you whatsoever and drive accordingly. If a collision does occur, the best thing for your vehicle (and yourself) is a grille guard.

What is a Grille Guard?

A grille guard is a metal bar that runs across the front of your vehicle, stopping anything from coming in contact with your engine or radiator.

Grille guards are best installed on vehicles because they prevent damage to the most expensive parts of any car: The engine and cooling system. A lot of insurance companies will offer discounts for people who can show that they have installed a grille guard.

Grille guards also offer protection to the vehicle’s cab and front passengers in case of an accident without being hit head-on by another car or truck.

The best defense for deer is usually more than one barrier, such as your headlights, which often scare them away.

The best grille guard for deer is one that covers the entire front of your vehicle. Its role is preventing anything from coming in contact with any part of it.

They are typically made out of steel or aluminum and offer a range of customization options to suit different budgets and needs.
If you would like to learn more about the best grille guards for deer, please keep reading.

Best grilles guards for deer in 2021

TAC Bull Bar Black Front Bumper Grille Guard

Protect your Tacoma from bumps and scrapes with this TAC Bull Bar Front Bumper Grille Guard.

It is built out of rugged, durable steel to ensure it can stand up to the real world without getting scratched or peeling like some old-school bumper guards. Installs quickly and easily thanks to an OE quality standard and fit for a 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma!

The E-coating ensures that it will stay strong and rust-resistant even in the most severe conditions while doubling as anti-scratch protection against scuffs. With its well-designed heavy texture black powder-coated finish, you have peace of mind knowing there’s nothing out there tougher on the outside!

A powerful bullbar not only offers protection but also adds a whole new level of capability to your truck. Check price on Amazon!

KYX Bull Bar Grille Guard Front Bumper

For those who enjoy off-roading, the KYX Bull Bar Brush Push Grille Guard Front Bumper is perfect! It’s made from 100% high-quality steel and has a seamless finish.

Aside from being stylish, tough, and strong as a nail–it also provides that protection you need for your front bumper. No drilling required? Say what!

In addition to all of this, they offer round-the-clock service which means that if you ever have any questions or concerns with your product their staff will be there to help.

Also compatible with: Yukon 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Check price on Amazon!

TAC Predator Mesh Version Modular Bull Bar Fit with LED Off-Road Lights (Predator Mesh Version)

This TAC Predator Mesh Version Modular Bull Bar is compatible with the 2004 – 2021 Ford F150.

The mesh version design gives your vehicle a better heat dissipation effect. A LED light installation hardware is included in the kit to make sure you have lighting when off-roading.

A TAC 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects guarantees it will last a while. It won’t shatter after falling on the floor (or be ruined by UV rays), as some of other guards. It really looks good on a black F150! but everyone has their taste! The install wasn’t too hard either.

Check price on Amazon!

Go Rhino! 3160B Black 3000 Series StepGuard Grille Guard

The Go Rhino! 3160B Grille Guard does more than just protect your vehicle from bumps.

With a patented built-in step, you can easily hop in and out of your ride without scraping up the bottom of your shoes on the ground causing dirt to get into your seats or scratching the paint job.

The black powder coating provides long-lasting durability and easy installation with hard mounting brackets that bolt onto existing tow hook holes for safe, strong holding power. Get protected now with high-quality grate guards by Go Rhino!

Compatible with: Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe

Check price on Amazon!

Westin HDX Grille Guard | 2015-2020 F-150

Designed for your new Ford F-150 (2015-2020 model years) the Westin HDX Grille Guard is a stylish front protection option. Made with 2 in. tubing, it utilizes full wrap-around wings to offer excellent coverage and ensures against unwanted scratching from other cars or road debris while on the go.

Additional features include heavy-duty “Punch Plate” grilles, high-density rubber upright strips which provide maximum durability and energy absorption for side-impact. It also has 1.25 in tube uprights used for support wings – assuring that you are safe both inside your truck bed and outside of it too!

Check on Amazon!

Tyger Auto Front Bumper Guard

The Tyger Guard bumper guard is a U.S. patented design made of a heavy-duty 2.5” marine-grade stainless steel tubing frame for the most demanding drivers who want to be sure their vehicle stays safe.

This bumper guard kit includes one Tyger Guard bumper guard with all mounting hardware. It has a DIY installation manual so you can install it yourself without professional help at a small cost to your wallet.

The low profile guard is easy to replace if damaged or bent during an accident or collision. It is also durable enough to take abuse from harsh elements like salt water which can cause metal guards unprotected from rust over time.

Check on price Amazon!

Why you need a grille guard for deer?

A grille guard is the best type of defense against deer. It acts as a physical barrier and prevents them from coming into contact with any part of your vehicle.

Deer will not stop just because they see you coming. So always assume that one has no intention to avoid you whatsoever. This means that if there’s an accident, the best thing for both yourself and your car is installing a grille guard up front before anything happens.

It also protects other drivers on busy roads by acting as a safety shield in case they have to swerve out their way or head-on collisions occur.
The best thing about having a grille guard installed onto your vehicle is how easy it can be done.

On the other hand, a lot of vehicle drivers choose not to install them because they find that it strips away some aesthetic beauty. The thing is, if you don’t mind the looks of your car being changed by a grille guard then it’s well worth considering.

What to consider when buying an automotive grille guard

You should consider the following factor in choosing what is the best grille guards for deer.


The best thing about steel and aluminum construction is that they can withstand anything without giving way easily. If durability isn’t your top priority, then a grille guard made from polyethylene is also a good choice.


Think about how easy it will be to install the grille guard on your car. If you don’t have any experience with automotive vehicles or installing parts onto them before, then consider looking for an installation kit that comes with all of the necessary tools as well so you can get everything done at once in one sitting.


When it comes to designing the grille guard, there are a few different styles that you can choose from. You will need to think about what type of design your car would benefit from and also make sure it doesn’t clash with any other parts on or around your vehicle.

How to install a grille guard

Make sure to read the manual first before proceeding with the installation.

Here is a step by step guide to install a grille guard on your vehicle:

First, buy one of the best grille guard for deer that is made of either steel or aluminum

Next, place it in front of the bumper and align it with holes on the bumper cover. Use brackets to secure it down at four points. If there are no bracket holes then use bolts instead (if applicable)

After securing the top two corners, you will need to attach one side first by using an adjustable clamp between the grille guard and frame for support while installing screws from inside the car’s engine bay. Then repeat process opposite side as well.

Now comes installation steps for lower parts, which are similar to upper ones only now you’ll be attaching connectors onto the bottom part of grille guards so they can stay firmly in place

Install the mesh and hardware for any other parts (if applicable)

Here a Youtube video installing the Westin HDX Guard:

FAQs about best grille guard for deer

Q: What should I do if deer refuses to heed warning signs?

A: Deer have many reasons for not wanting to stay away from roadsides, including hunger and curiosity. If that’s the case then they may be more inclined towards cars because they associate them as another food source (especially when smelling cooked hamburgers).

To counteract this behavior without resorting to using spray repellents (which could lead to a lot of damage in the long term), you can place an auto grille guard on your car.

Q: Can I install a Grille Guard for deer myself?

A: Yes, it’s very easy to do and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or tools that go beyond what most people already have available at home.
For example, if you don’t know how to drill holes into metal then there are plenty of tutorials online for “DIY drilling guide” as well as “Hole Drill Sizes For Metal”.

As mentioned before, installation kits come with all necessary parts so you don’t need anything else other than yourself and some spare time! All that is required is knowing where the best location for the grille guard is on your car and following the instructions accordingly.

Q: What are some of the possibilities when it comes to design?

A: Some vehicle owners prefer a more subtle look that doesn’t detract from their vehicles, while others want something more noticeable. The other thing you should think about when deciding which type of style suits best is where you’re most likely going to be driving with your cars or truck (such as highways, rural roads, streets in busy areas).

If you plan to drive through a lot of these types then having higher visibility can help keep up safe and avoid unnecessary accidents. This will also deter deer away from crossing over into roadways because they’ll see that there’s not much of a barrier.


If you’ve ever been concerned about collisions with deer on the road, fear not. There are several ways to protect your vehicle from these accidents. Moreover, many companies offer grille guards that can be installed onto any car without too much difficulty. We hope this guide has helped you narrow down what kind of grille guard would best fit your needs for protecting yourself when driving in an area where deer may appear more frequently.

If you want to buy one of the best grille guards for deer in 2021, we recommend going over some reviews and Youtube videos before making a decision.

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