What Is Brake Boosting? 7 Important Facts You Should Know

You may have heard this term from a racing enthusiast or a video game. Brake Boosting – what is it? Whether an avid car enthusiast or a casual driver, you’ve inevitably heard someone say “boost!” And if you play racing video games, chances are you’ve seen the term “BOOST!” popping up on the screen.

What Is Brake Boosting

This article will explain what is brake boosting, how it is done and why racing enthusiasts developed this technique. You should be aware that if this is done improperly, you may lose all vehicle control and cause an accident.

So please proceed with caution.

1. What is brake boosting?

Brake boosting (also called brake power boosting) is a technique used in racing. When a driver applies the brakes and accelerates simultaneously, it slows the car for a while, maintaining engine speed and power. Once the brake pedal is released, it will launch the car.

A brake booster is different from brake boosting. A brake booster is a device that helps increase your brakes’ effectiveness. While brake boosting refers to the technique used to maintain speed, especially on a long straightaway. It can also pass another car or get past a corner.

2. How to brake boost?

It’s important to note that this technique should be used only in extreme situations. We highly discourage practicing brake boosting unless you have the proper training or you are in a video game, like Grand Theft Auto V.

You alsoneed to be able to control your car at all times and have good tires for traction. Here’s a step-by-step guide to brake boosting:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have a good understanding of how braking and accelerating work together.
  2. Next, practice on a straightaway with no other cars around.
  3. Ensure that your tires are in good shape and have plenty of traction. If you’re braking on a long straightaway, make sure you don’t have any problems with overheating or loss of power.
  4. Approach a corner and downshift.
  5. Brake while turning in and slowly step on the accelerator pedal to keep the engine running at a constant speed.
  6. You’ll have to use your mirrors to ensure that there are no cars or people behind you before turning in.
  7. Keep your foot on the accelerator until you have reached full speed (this may take some practice).
  8. Release the brake pedal and accelerate.
  9. Keep your foot off the accelerator until you’re ready to launch.

We are not liable for any injury or damage caused by this guide. It is your responsibility to drive safely and appropriately at all times. Here’s a video from WCKD Street Media to help you understand how to do it:

3. When to use brake boosting?

As mentioned above, you don’t need to use brake boosting in most situations. However, there are some times when it’s a good idea to use this technique.

Brake boosting is usually used in racing, both in real life and GTA V, when a driver needs to slow down quickly but not lose too much speed during cornering. The most common use of this technique is when passing other cars on a straightaway or entering a turn from one side of the track to another.

4. Can you do brake boosting with regular cars?

Brake boosting is not something that regular cars can do. So what kind of cars can do it then? It is a technique used for modified racing cars tuned for maximum performance. In regular cars, brake boosting is usually impossible because most ECUs will monitor your pedal inputs and close off any throttle once you start braking hard enough.

This helps prevent stalling and allows for better fuel economy (because you’re not wasting fuel when you’re coasting). To bypass this, you may want to check with the aftermarket tuners like Hondata and KTuner.

Please be aware that ECU tuning is illegal in California, so before modifying your engine, check your state laws.

5. Is brake boosting bad for your car?

Brake boosting can be bad for your car since it puts a lot of stress on its components. It is a very powerful technique that can cause damage to the drivetrain and transmission. It also stresses your brakes, which may wear out faster than usual.

Your tires will also wear out faster, requiring you to replace them sooner than expected. We do not recommend brake boosting unless you know what you’re doing and if your car is designed for it.

6. Are there other ways to use brake boosting?

Brake boosting is not the only way to increase acceleration. You can also use a technique called “launch control,” which is used in high-performance cars. The process involves managing RPMs and clutch releases while you speed up from zero mph.

The famous car models with launch control include the Porsche 911 Turbo and the C8 Corvette. The feature is not exclusive to cars with dual-clutch transmission. Ferrari, Lamborghini, and BMW used this technology with their single clutch transmission models.

7. Does the brake boosting affect the engine performance?

Yes, it does boost the engine and the speed of the car, but it can also cause many problems if not used properly. If you have a manual transmission, the clutch will be engaged during acceleration and disengaged when you let up on the gas pedal.

This can cause wear and tear on your engine and transmission if they are not designed to handle this type of stress.


This article discussed what brake boosting is. It is a useful technique for increasing acceleration but can be dangerous, and many car experts do not recommend it. If you decide to try it, proceed with caution and pay attention to your vehicle’s performance.

We highly discourage this technique, as it can be dangerous and could even cause damage to your car. Keep your foot off the gas pedal when applying brakes for the best performance and safety. However, if you are playing a video game like GTA V or Need for Speed, then it can be useful and fun.

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