What Pressure Washer Nozzle Is Safe For Car

In this article, we will look at the difference between each nozzle tip. And determine what pressure washer nozzle is safe for car.

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One of the most important things when washing a car, you want to apply enough pressure to clean the dirt efficiently without damaging your paint. However, it should be gentle enough to prevent water spots from being formed on painted surfaces.

In terms of the nozzle, there are several choices of nozzle for the car wash; 3-4 color-coded nozzle tips. If you choose the wrong nozzle for a car wash you could peel the paint off your car.

The Safest Types Of Pressure Washer Nozzles for Car

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As a general rule, anything below 25° may cause damage to your car. Among the four color-coded nozzle tips of a pressure washer, three nozzles are safe for car-washing. These are the 25° and the 40° and the optional, 65° (black).

The 0° (red) and 15° (yellow) could damage the paintwork of the car. However, experts prefer using the 15° nozzle tip with a safe distance and lower PSI to get rid of tough mud and dirt from 4x4s.

25-degree (green)

The green nozzle is ideal for thoroughly removing dirt from your car’s exterior, as well as truck bed and wheels. You can use the 25-degree or green nozzle on wheels, emblems, grills, mats, and anywhere there’s stuck-on grime like between the cab and bed of a truck.

40-degree (white)

The white nozzle is ideal for cleaning large areas quickly. Use this nozzle when cleaning the body of your car and for rinsing off the detergent. Generally, the wider you go the safer it is. So beginners usually use quite a wide one like the white nozzle. The wider fan makes it more efficient at covering a large area.

When combined with a safe distance and under 1900 PSI, green and white nozzles are the safest nozzles for a car wash.

65-degrees (black)

Red, yellow, green, and white washer nozzles are designed to clean a variety of surfaces. At 65 degrees the fan spray from the blacktip nozzle is too low pressure for removing debris or mildew but perfect for wetting surfaces with detergents or chemicals.

Other types of pressure washer nozzles

0-degree (red)

The red nozzle can blast even the toughest stains out of your most stubborn surfaces. For concrete, metal, and more hard materials it’s best to use this powerful jet. However, for softer things like wood or your beloved car, you should stay away from using a waterjet that can ruin them completely by lacerating their surface.

Red means danger. Improper use can also result in injury, so we repeat, stay away from the 0-degree (red) nozzle.

15-degrees (yellow)

The 15-degree washer tip is versatile and can be used in a variety of different scenarios because it’s not as dangerous to use on most surfaces. As opposed to the red nozzle, this particular type will allow you more surface coverage for your desired needs.

However, you should use the yellow nozzle from a safe distance and with a lower PSI. If you choose this nozzle tip, you can use it for washing away stubborn mud and grime from the 4×4 bumper and wheel wells.

Turbo nozzle

A turbo nozzle is an alternative to the red tip nozzle that provides the same pressure but with a different spray angle. This type of circular rotating water jet blasts through tough dirt, removing rust from concrete and stripping paint off surfaces in minutes!

Adjustable/Variable Nozzle

Are you tired of changing nozzle tips frequently to get the job done? The 6-in-1 pressure washer spray nozzles are a godsend for anyone who needs different settings. Quick change over with six patterns include 0 °, 15 °, 25 °, 40°, and even soap and rinse. 

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Lightweight and efficient by using a much smaller body and higher integrated design when compared with similar models from other manufacturers. Standard 1/4″ plug fits most popular brands.


Why Do Tips Affect Water Pressure?

Water pressure is a measure of how much water exits the nozzle. Pressure washer tips are designed to control the V-shape angle of the spraying wand and this determines how water will be released.

Different nozzle angles can help you adjust for different needs such as washing an area gently or cleaning away grease with a powerful jet stream from multiple nozzles — all at any degree desired.

If you’re not sure how to pressure clean a surface, the following points will help: 

Be careful about damaging surfaces by starting 4 feet from them and moving closer as necessary. Also start with lower PSI and increasing it if needed. In general, 1200 to 1900 psi is seen as the best range for washing your car with a pressure washer.

If this doesn’t work, change nozzles more intense for stubborn areas, and remember that distance is an easy way to adjust the effectiveness of your pressure cleaning.

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