Where is the Starter Located in 5 Popular Car Models?

In terms of the car’s starter location, not all cars are the same. Knowing how to find the starter on your particular car type is vital for troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair work, whether you’re a DIYer or a professional mechanic.

You’ll have trouble starting your car if the starter is bad, so naturally, your first step should be to find the starter. This article will highlight the location of the starter on popular car models from several auto manufacturers.

1. What does a starter look like?

Starter motors are found in all cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles with internal combustion engines. It converts the energy stored in the starting motor’s flywheel into mechanical energy to rotate the crankshaft.

A starter looks like a set of cylinders with a smaller cylinder set atop a larger cylinder. The size is about 6 to 8 inches high, and its diameter is about 3 inches, or the size of your arm. The most basic parts of a car starter are:

  1. Starter motor solenoid
  2. Armature
  3. Drive lever
  4. Pinion gear
  5. Yoke and pole core
  6. Field coils
  7. Plunger

2. How do I locate my starter?

The location of your starter will vary depending on the make and model of your car. First, you must check your owner’s manual to find where the starter is located on your particular vehicle. If no information is available, use these steps below to locate it yourself:

  1. Open the hood of your car and look for a cylindrical component described earlier. You can find the starter on the driver’s side if your car is a front-wheel drive. If your car is rear-wheel drive, it will be on the passenger’s side.
  2. To locate the starter on a front-wheel drive car, look for it above the transmission or under the exhaust manifold. You can find it below the exhaust manifold on the passenger side for rear-wheel drive cars.

If you still can’t find your starter, we’ve prepared a guide on how to find the starter on popular car models below.

3. Where is the starter located in Honda Accord?

The starter is located on the driver’s side of your Honda Accord engine block. It’s under the air intake manifold on the right side. If you need to replace the starter, remove the air intake tubing first. You will need 10mm and 14mm sockets/wrenches.

Where is the starter located in Honda Accord
Photo from Practical Mechanic

The starter motor is one of the most common 2008-2012 8th-Gen Honda Accord problems after 100,000 miles. If you have reached this mileage, you might want to replace it soon! Check out this helpful and illustrative guide from Practical Mechanic.

4. Where is the starter located in Honda Civic?

A Honda Civic’s starter is on the engine’s passenger side. It is mounted above/on the bell housing. Disconnect the battery and remove the air intake tube from the throttle body. Then remove the air intake tube and resonator to access the starter motor.

Here’s a helpful video from Backyard Chevy:

5. Where is the starter located in Ford F150?

You can find the starter on the passenger side. To access it, you must get under the truck and search on the engine block’s lower side towards the transmission bell housing. Although it’s not required, you can also find and replace the starter if you take the tire off to give you more room. The starter is connected to the battery by a thick red cable. Trace this cable from where it connects to the battery; you should find the starter.

Here’s a video to help you out:

6. Where is the starter located in Toyota Corolla?

The starter is located behind the engine, under the intake manifold. To get there, you’ll need to stand on the passenger side fender and look toward the front of the car. The starter is found right above the oil filter.

Where is the starter located in Toyota Corolla

7. Where is the starter located in Nissan Altima?

In Nissan Altima, the starter is located on the passenger side. It is mounted on the back side of the engine, with its snout facing into the transmission. You’ll have to remove the air filter box and the big connecting hose leading to the throttle valve to access it.

Here’s a photo where you can find the starter in Nissan Altima:

Where is the starter located in Nissan Altima
Photo from Sparky’s Answers

8. Why is it important to know where to find your car’s starter?

The starter of the car is an important component to locate. It is responsible for starting your vehicle. The starter is also known as a starter solenoid or starter relay. It can be found under the hood, at the front of the engine.

  1. The first reason is so you can diagnose it if you have starting problem. If you have difficulty starting your car, you may need to replace your starter.
  2. The second reason is that it can be easily accessed by removing just one bolt and wire harness clamp. This saves time and avoids removing unnecessary components to locate the starter.
  3. Another reason is that sometimes, you can tap the starter with a hammer, and the car will start. This is especially useful if you’re stranded on the side of the road.
  4. Finally, it will help you save money from costly labor costs from auto shops and dealerships. Because they mostly charge high labor costs for locating starters in cars with complicated systems like yours.

Ensure you always have a ratchet and wrenches handy before jumping on your car to remove bolts and wires. 

9. Conclusion

The location of the starter varies by make and model, so before you begin to test it, you need to know where it is located. Generally, you can find the starter beneath the engine in front of the transmission. Some vehicles have starters mounted on the front of the engine toward the vehicle’s rear.

We still highly recommend referring to the vehicle’s owner’s manual for the exact location of your starter.

Caution: It’s important to remember that when working on your car’s electrical system, always wear protective gear to prevent injury from electric shock.

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